Martin Luther King Day of Service

Global Citizen and The Philadelphia Freedom Rings Partnership are collaborating to serve the digital divide in Philadelphia during the Martin Luther King Day of Service. On Monday, January 17, 2011 on the Girard College campus, volunteers will be engaged in various projects, including The Race to Connect, to introduce how the Freedom Rings Partnership will help the people of Philadelphia access computer training and broadband technology.

Computer Refurbishment: More than one hundred volunteers from Non-Profit Technology Resources and Digital Service Fellows’ (DSF) AmeriCorps Program will refurbish used computers, which will be donated to organizations in need throughout the city for Internet access and computer training.

Race to Connect: A fun-filled team event that ties together the legacy of Dr. King with the importance of getting connected via the Internet. The race was a scavenger hunt where 8 teams completed a mini service activity that brought them to 14 stops in the Girard College area. Teams will conduct a volunteer activity or answer a trivia question related to Dr. King or the civil rights movement. They will post on Facebook and tweet about their progress at each race stop.

Digital Access Kits: Volunteers will assemble 2,000 digital literacy information packets to be distributed citywide.

iPhone App: Social media and digital inclusion is an important focus of this year’s King Day of Service. Freedom Rings Partnership and Drexel University have developed a free King Day of Service iPhone application—PhillyKingDay.

Monday, January 17, 2011 - 9:00am - 2:00pm